The organisation wholeheartedly supports the principle of equal opportunities in employment and opposes all forms of unlawful discrimination on the grounds of age; disability; gender reassignment; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy and maternity; race; religion or belief; sex; or other protected characteristics.  The principle of non-discrimination and equal opportunities applies equally to the treatment of former employees, visitors, clients, customers and suppliers. 

We believe that it is in the organisation’s best interests and those of all who work in it to ensure that the human resources, talents and skills available throughout the community are considered when employment opportunities arise.  To this end, within the framework of the law, we are committed, wherever practicable, to achieving and maintaining a workforce which broadly reflects the local community within which we operate.

Every possible step will be taken to ensure that individuals are treated equally and fairly and that decisions relating to recruitment, selection, training, promotion and career management are based solely on objective and job-related criteria.

When recruiting and retaining employees with disabilities we will make use of the good practice information available and where necessary seek advice from disability agencies and the Employment Service.


Young people

Edison Young People is committed to providing equal opportunities to all children and young people in our care.

Edison Young People welcomes any young person and does not discriminate in any way towards race or ethnic origin, creed, colour, religion, disabilities or impairments, gender or sexual orientation. Our staff will treat each and every child as an individual who has individual needs; this will include additional educational needs where appropriate.

All activities and daily routines are designed to promote equal opportunities for all young people and will incorporate and facilitate any disability, or impairments, to ensure that the needs of the young people are met.

Resources provided within each Residential Home such as books etc., address equal opportunities and the staff team strive to recognise and accommodate customs, festivals and practices from different religions and ethnic backgrounds. Staff are expected to promote an ethos of equality and encourage each child to develop a non-judgmental approach to life and others.

Each Residential Home recognises and respects the catering requirements of individuals when planning menus, and staff training includes an awareness of those foodstuffs that may be prohibited by different religions, faiths or cultures.

Edison Young People supports the right of all young people and their families, as well as staff and other professionals to be free from prejudice and abuse, and therefore strive to work in a manner that directly challenges discrimination in all its forms.